Ideas about The Release - a video by Brian Manzella (comments/reviews)

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Brian Manzella


Ideas about The Release

Based on breakthrough information uncovered in Project 1.68 and discussed in the landmark forum thread "The Release," Brian Manzella explains the concepts in an easy to understand 37 minute video.

Concepts like the "out-toss" and "going normal" will become crystal clear as Brian informs and entertains the viewer with his unmistakable style.

"What If?" is a question Manzella asks over and over in the introduction—and when the golfer is finished watching the entire program, they will be able to answer those questions easily.​

Hello Folks,

The new video is out, just go to the shop link at the top of the thread or the shop tab on the site to purchase.

I tried to make it as user friendly as possible.

Hope you enjoy and it helps your golf game.



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Great video Brian. The out toss really hit home for me. This is probably the most simple and clear instructional video I have ever watched. I feel like I can take this information directly out to the course with immediate results.

There is alot more information exposed in the video that hasn't been on the threads, so this is a must buy!
Just curious if any parts of this info in this video will ever make it to your lessons in Golf Magazine? How do you decide what will make it in the magazine for free and what you decide to charge for in a video?


I have to agree that this video is a really good explanation of the ideas in the release thread. Along with a number of new ideas. Great addition!
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Do the "golf scientists" that you have been working with universally agree with all of the information you have presented?
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Just bought it; just watched it...Brilliant stuff.
Every time I'm making a decent golf swing this is kinda what I feel like.
Absolutely recommend...
Nobel prize for Brian and Michael?
Clear and concise. Nothing contrived about the swing. The body works with the club in a most natural way. Seems intuitively right. In my view Manzella'a best presentation. Myth debunking is measured. Nothing extraneous to cloud the message. Overall I have the impression of a calm confidence that will help in getting his message across to those with an open mind.

The most difficult thing for me is putting the clubhead into the ground and then pulling it out. My whole golf life has been spent avoiding the chunk and for me this means keeping the hands up so that the clubhead does not bottom out behind the ball. He mentions that this may be required for some but you sacrifice full acceleration. A lot of work will be required to break the old routine.

$20? A steal. Thanks Brian.


I downloaded it before 10 am using safari without difficulty. Just finished watching it for the third time. Amazing how much I missed the first time through and the second. I even took a little time to hit a few balls this afternoon with really good results. This stuff helped shallow me out a bunch. Wish I could play tomorrow.
Nice work Brian. Better value than the monster thread from whence it sprang.

I had 3 questions:

1. How do you handle shorter shots/less than full swings? Do you look for the full downswing sequence described in the video? Or do you use the same reference points - top, left arm parallel, hand low-point - and use the corresponding parts of the sequence? I'm curious how you'd handle the transition in a short pitch.

2. The upwards handpath through impact, if I understood you correctly, is the result of a full-body upwards pull. What's your reasoning for this, rather than a more rotational pivot that sends the left shoulder up and away from the ball.

3. This video seemed more explicitly aimed at folks who are too steep into impact. What's the advice for getting too shallow? Do you see that as basically a faulty transition that doesn't create or retain enough lag to left arm parallel? Or is there more to come on this?

Downloaded today no problem after a couple of problems yesterday. Looking forward to getting out to the range to try out the new ideas.
As usual Brian presents his ideas clearly and his explanations are first class. Thanks Brian, I wish you the best of luck with the video and your quest to become the best. Afterall the more successful you are the better we are going to get so everyones a winner in the end.

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This video shows why I think the swing is counter intuitive. Everything that looks like we should be doing based on still pictures and video is not what is happening.

I think now we have a better understanding of what is actually happening.
As someone who's always worried about the backswing pivot, I really like the idea of "find a way to turn your back to the target." Sounds like it cuts to what's really important and is simple enough that I can actually do it!

I've always had a flippy looking swing, probably because I was dragging the handle. The explanation of the out-toss and how/why it can actually give you more delay is very insightful.

It might seem like an unimportant part of the video but I thought the editing and transitions were really well done. The quick music and graphics give it a no nonsense feel while still looking professional.

Looking forward to trying this stuff out. Thanks!
This video shows why I think the swing is counter intuitive. Everything that looks like we should be doing based on still pictures and video is not what is happening.

I think now we have a better understanding of what is actually happening.

No doubt. Probably why it takes an underplaner so long to be cured. Probably why it has taken me so long to get fixed. Very different feels compared to what I have been trying to do for years.
Thanks Brian & all those who worked to mine the information that is presented. Hope you enjoyed your journey as much as we are enjoying the polished stone. Well done!!
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