Smash factor and clubhead weight (just added TrackMan data!)

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Lets assume Mandrin and Zick are correct, and they is no "heavy hit"...

...or "Accelerating Hit."

If you understand the physics of impact in the basic form, you can answer this question:

How do you have two shots, with the same club, both sweetspot contact, both with the same clubhead speed at impact, but with a different smash factor?

It's pretty easy, but the first correct answer is King for a day!

the long drivers don't they use low lofted heads, like 5 or 6 °s and then use a positve launch angle some thing like 12 or 14 to give them more ball speed.
"" With a club speed of 100 mph and a smash factor of 1.40, the ball speed is 140 mph. But if the golfer could obtain a smash factor of 1.48 with a more controlled swing having a lower club speed of 98 mph, the ball speed would be increased to 145 mph – i.e. an additional 5 mph ball speed by swinging slower. Since 1 more mph ball speed (all other things equal) will generate 2 more yards carry, an extra 10 yards is added to the drive in this case by swinging with more control! ""

I'm stil don't know what 5&5 is but I'm sure its great.

This statement above. Are they not putting the cart before the horse? If we increase the smash factor (which is a resultant) and we lower clubhead speed... the ball will have more speed. Brilliant!! If I just put my score down before I play.. and I keep my same swing... I'll make 18 pars!!

I'll keep reading and looking for 5&5. BM - thanks for your trackman data. You're the only guy on the web publishing your research.
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