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    Shaft Plane, Elbow Plane, Shoulder Plane???

    Earlier in the week I watched Mike Adams do a presentation on golf swings and body types. During one section he demonstrated some tests to determine if a player is essentially a one or two planer and which plane or planes (shaft, right elbow, or shoulder) they should be swinging on. How do the...
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    Club Path Help. With Video and Trackman

    Alright so we got a good player here (2010 Horizon League Individual Champion, Runner Up 2010 GAM Women's Championship). Based on her video and trackman numbers her path seems to be an issue. So the question isn't so much what needs to be fixed but how to fix it. She has been trying to...
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    Trajectory Troubles w/Video

    I have always hit the ball low by pretty much anyone's standards and never really understood why. At one time my path was way in to out and I hit big low push hooks. The last couple seasons I have been working on my path a ton and my stock ball flight is now straight to straight fade but still...