balls or centered? Forceplates...?

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Wondering about peoples preferences for set up and swing.
Weight towards the balls of feet more (tiger woods has this appearance)
Centered in the spot where your feet feel the same as if you are standing up straight, say having a beer.
In motion:
staying out on the balls of feet more vs recentering, or starting centered and staying centered (not laterally, but centered in/out)
I'm kind of wondering about the humans inbuilt re-centering mechanism vs athletic readiness.
Also, what can you learn from a force plate?



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One word answers will do.
Do you set it up on your balls a bit so you can rip it, or do you center up and keep it balanced...?
Coming from just a hack, I set up with the weight on the whole foot of each foot. Then prior to the takeaway, I start with a rocking motion forward then back to start the backswing. I really do not completely stop the rocking back and forth motion at set up though--a habit from my baseball days.

I wish I knew what the "correct" footwork was, but doing a search gives a lot of conflicting information.
What is anatomically correct? The biomechanists would say the weight is distributed through the ankles at set-up.


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I feel centered. In terms of player profile I am the type that tries to hit it in the fairway as opposed to rip it so that could be the major reason.

Damon Lucas

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As with most of these types of analysis, it differs at address and during the swing depending mostly on two variables, shot selection and each individual's physicality.


I try to keep pressure over my arches during most of the swing (obviously follow thru and finish have weight moving to other parts of the feet). My fat shots happen when the weight goes towards balls of feet and toes. That's how it feels. Would be interesting to compare the "feel" to one of those weight sensitive platforms.

Jim Kobylinski

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I have found that "foot balance" does play a large role in how the upper body responds on the swing because of how the "forces" in the swing pull/push you to/from the ball. So as Damon said, you need to experiment and get it to match you.

I had 1 leasson where i made the person stop sitting on their heels so much and got them more on their balls and like magic their downswing and right shoulder movement was MUCH better.


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Koblynski: Notes it affects motion, somehow.
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Westy: Thinks if you are on your toes you might get more resistance from your core, but centered might be more consistent/easier....

What else may this preference cause/effect?
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Is there a link b/w weight distribution and plane angle?

Without thinking about it I've always had my weight more on the balls of my feet. I've also always come down the turned shoulder plane. I'm working on flattening my swing plane, swinging left etc etc and was thinking moving my weight more towards the heels might help.


plane to weight trackman experiment.

People who are toward the toes tend to swing flatter,
People who are centered/heels tend to be more upright looking, But I wonder if the VSP gets more upright, i bet it dosent. it just feels that way. Maybe I am wrong, but i would like to see the differences in numbers for a guy on trackman swinging from both places...if you guys have nothing to talk about in Vegas this morning......
just dug this thread up from way back, i was interested in these questions also.

does anyone know where to find any force plate data for PGA tour pros (or any good golfers) re: their weight shift (especially toes vs. heel)? i have been looking online but haven't found much more than a couple youtube videos and i'm not sure if those golfers are the ones to look at for an optimal move. i'm hoping for some basic video or still images (or a description) of a good golfer and how that weight moves heel to toe and left side to right side.

my specific question was whether more weight on the toes of my right foot (and less on the heel) at the top would make "goat humping" less likely.

Jim Kobylinski

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From a pure feel perspective with no force plate data, i always find golfers swing their best with what feels like their weight is on the balls of their feet. Too much in your heels and the swing will PULL you on your toes and you'll fall forward on the downswing. Too much on your toes and you won't make a really good backswing.

Just my experience
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