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He's been working with Dave Stockton on his putting and Mark Roe on his chipping and pitching for the last 2 years.
He's been working with Dave Stockton on his putting and Mark Roe on his chipping and pitching for the last 2 years.
But no big change in the full swing that u know? Something is different? I'm always curios what appens after winning a major. It is some kind of watershed. Never look a gift horse in the mouth me thinks.


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Has apparently worked with the same coach since he was 8 years old. Always had the talent but adopted a more professional attitude after a lot of youthful partying.
Nicolas Colsaerts may have the most natural, neutral looking swing of any professional I've ever seen. Very, very impressive.

Interesting. What exactly does "neutral" mean here? Does it have to do with John Jacobs' steep / neutral / shallow concept? Or something else?
Colsaerts is long too. Think he is leading driving distance stats and would certainly give Bubba a run for his money. Sure Monty said in commentary that he is longest of the two teams

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My two cents:
Westwood can't putt and totally stabs at his pitches (news flash!)
Garcia was acting weird
Snedeker's ball striking let him down a bit but putted great, no surprise there
When are we ever gonna say that Tigers swing experiment is total junk?
This event certainly magnifies a players weaknesses
I'm a fist pumper but sometimes early in the round it seems forced by some guys
I still say this event will have zero effect on a players future in 72 hole stroke play. The team aspect makes it such a different format. Duffer said it well in the post round interview.
I wouldn't want to play Matt Kutcher from 60 yards
Stricker hit some bad shots, as if anyone didn't see it themselves
Tiger really doesn't take the leader role like Mickelson....I wonder why? Did Nicklaus do this? Not sure.
I still can't believe how bad Westwood stabs at his chips
Colsearts was unreal....8 birdies and an eagle
Love the zero rough. What do you think, Dariusz? The shotmaking from the trees added excitement
Absolutely loved Bubbas first tee shot. Daly did that once at Phoenix #16 and it was awesome.
I was so wrong on Webb Simpson it wasn't even funny.
How many times will JM say the word pressure or choke?:)
Not judging either of them as people, but wow is Bradley wierd and Phil's "thumbs up" is kind of creepy.

Creepy, but there's creepier...




As a US Citizen, I feel I have to say the whole US team is a collection of weirdos. Not a single guy I'd be interested in having a beer with. Sorry.

Steve Stricker is "weird"?

Who do you drink beers with, Ghandi-esque snobs with no personality?

Give me the crazies! I want to hear their good stories over some cold ones... not that they'd want to have a beer with me... I'm too weird.
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