The Release w/Brian Manzella & Michael Jacobs

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Ill be the volunteer moron: I have no idea what the yellow and red (particularly red) lines are or what's getting replaced? Anybody?

haha, I think I already covered that, the lines are tracking the left arm position, the green lines show the left arm replacing itself on the way through......I think.

Michael Jacobs

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How is this applicable to a golfer during the swing? Perfectly understood if thats not free information.


Great question... It is in my retail products and prefer for it to stay there for now, it is a major area of study that I embarked on late last summer. The Lead Arm steepens relative to the ground much more than people think on the downswing...

There are some other areas of study that are very important:

Lead Arm to Trunk Relationship

Lead Arm and Club Offset Angle

Levels of Ulnar & Radial Deviation

Initial downswing acceleration of the lead arm - MAYPOLE SWING STYLE - that will effect the lead arm replacement

There is a paper on this subject coming out I believe at WS Congress 12
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