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Tiger and Chris may have finally overcome all the trash that was put in Tiger's memory bank...I sure hope so..That name on top of the leader board looks good.

Where's the Elephant Man/John Merrick....Como ain't getting fired dude! I guess you're done posting here!
His #1 #2 #3 #4 and #5 accumulators started to fire together with extensor action in his right foot (only the last three toes).

Haha...no, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Sigma, Phi, Omega arw the ones getting going right now, and they're all in the proper sequence!

Seriously, that TGM extensor action is completely bull.


Swing seems to be holding up pretty well. I didn't see any big misses today at all. Turns out this Tiger guy can play a little.
Very nice that Tiger is consistent now. Hope he does really well again on final round. This could be the start of something big again.

Looking for his Wyndham swing analysis and unbelievable that there's none pointing out the good things he's doing.
The first 3 steps in the process to getting his swagger and thus swing back are as follows imo.

1. put the putter that has won majors back into the bag and take the putter that has not out.

2. show up wearing actual golf shoes, with spikes, and leave the loafers at home. (this isn't a member guest, it's the tour)

3. leave the goatee at home, alongside items from #1 and #2

Dunno if anyone's paying attention but he is clean shaven, wearing real shoes again, looks like 2 out of 3 has him on the brink of winning...


That triple derailed him a bit but he finished well and looked pretty comfortable playing. It looked like he was walking slower but you have to remember it was like 9000 degrees out there.

I wonder when he will play next?
New member here with another internet opinion. Tiger will go down as the 2nd best golfer ever after Jack. He has done some amazing things, but he is not a likable person. The golfing public has put up with him because he is ENTERTAINING on the course. Golf is entertainment. Without it ... golf is boring to the general public. Recently ... it has been entertaining to watch his train wrecks.

My non-substantiated opinion. He will never play on the Champion's tour. He has more than enough money. He should retire while he still has some dignity left. Spend the rest of his days designing courses and cherish his family. IMHO.
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