US Open at Olympic

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On my screen at .47 the right tee marker is 6 inches higher than the left. I know Olympic has side hill lies, but not on the tee shots.
It may have a slight bearing exaggerating it but I am not convinced.The right marker could be just a bit further away giving it a slanted look.

Here's a similar one from VJ.Same slanted line but he has a conventional posture.
The talking heads at Golf Channel have mentioned that Lee Janzen came from 5 back to win in 1998. They imply that it can just as easily happen again today, but the big difference is that the players 5 shots back today are in 14th place. Janzen was tied for 4th and one shot out of second place. He really needed one player to falter, (Stewart) and that happened with Stewart shooting 74. The players 5 back today including Tiger, will need a lot more help from the 13 guys ahead of them and/or a much better final round than Janzen's 68.

Dariusz J.

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Anyone else notice a setup flaw in Tiger's swing?If you look at a DTL view,he has too much weight on his heels as evidenced by how much his tushline is so far behind his heel line

He's struggling with coronal plane balance due to a faulty setup. Simple as that.

Hey, Dariusz,
Is driving a ball 25 feet off line and losing your ball in a tree penal enough?
What a shame for Westwood. You just know he's gonna lose this by one:(
It's a great event though. Whoever can go backwards at the slowest rate will win.
Still sickened by Westwood's bad break. Best ball-striker on the planet
Webb Simpson looks like he's trying to win the locals over with that outfit. If the temp drops maybe he will whip out a lavender scarf. It looks look like something Nathan Lane might have worn in the movie "Birdcage".


Man, the American fans shouting straight after a shot just to be heard, is plain embarrassing at this stage.
How do you know they are American?

Pretty sure it was this guy

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