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    Greetings from China....

    Hey Brian, looks like the site is going strong. It's been a while since I've stopped by, thought I'd see what you were up to. Love the clips of Hogan and Jones you posted. I'm in Qingdao, China for the year if anyone is in the area, drop me a line! I see you've moved away from certain...
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    Using Jack's Pattern

    Question for Brian - when using Nicklaus's pattern, I find it very easy to get excellent compression, a nice high ball flight and a consistent starting line, however at times have an issue controling the amount of fade (from a couple yards to about 10 being the range) Which of these would you...
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    Mitsubishi Diamana

    Hit the Callaway FT-3 with the Diamana 73 in X yesterday on a launch monitor. Darn club swings itself, what a sweet feeling shaft! Picked up 5 mph ball speed over my current Taylor 580. A very stable head too. Of course at $300 just for the shaft, far too much money to spend on a single...
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    #14 - Manzella "Neutral" Grip vs. SSA

    Your views on grip vs. Ben Doyle's
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    Would folks agree that this section of 6-B-0 defines what Ballard was 'trying' to get across in his views on connection: -------- The Turning Rate of the Pivot Components – especially the Shoulder Turn as actuated by Hip Action (7-15) – MUST be identical and synchronous with the #3 Accumulator...
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    twist away

    Brian - do you consider twist away tending more towards full roll hitting, or angled hinge swinging? I've been experimenting with it in angled hinge swinging and like the compression, but have difficultly working the ball both ways while still controling the trajectory. Any feedback? Thanks - EZ
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    The Ball Striker

    Anyone in Southern California know a guy named Steve McQueen? Some of the best compression I've seen. And a good guy from what I recall - EdZ
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    The Golf Job

    Caveat..."Having just returned from some dental work".....[8D] I find myself pondering what a successful archtypical golf teaching career might look like. How do folks who have taken them feel about playing lessons from a great pro? What would that be worth to you? What would you want it to...
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    Brian, your opinion on the Assist?

    A great swinger's aid that shows you the full roll of the horizontal hinge very well IMO. Has a nicer grip than most aids, one suited to a swinger's pattern well. Other training aids you find helpful in teaching? Thanks, this is fun - EdZ [8D]
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    Christian Cévaër

    Was/is he one of Ben's students? I played in a tourney with him way back when. What do you think of his swing Brian? (it has been a while, not sure if it has changed much). If I recall he had a strong left hand, neutral right hand. Somewhat like Morrison's move, but with a flat left wrist...
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    Brian - your views on Dunaway's Pattern?

    What is your opinion on Mike Dunaway's pattern, including his setup process, as discussed in the 'secrets' video?
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    You gave yourself away with the 'air divot' Brian, have you seen this? I assume so, since it is pure Ben Doyle and he is mentioned. Your thoughts?
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    Any clips of O'Hern?

    Loved watching the Aussies last week - O'Hern in particular. Anyone know of a link to a sequence?
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    Big Break III

    Some wonderful swings..... I wonder who is teaching them? Hmmmmmmm..........;)
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    TGM History Question

    Who would have been teaching a pure hitting procedure at the Olympic Club in the 1971-73 timeframe?