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    Michael Jacobs Ground Force Reactions video

    If I don't like something, I really try (yeah, yeah, I know, but I try) to not say anything rather than rip it. But when I do like something, I feel obligated to share, especially when it comes to people improving their golf. Drewyallop's post about this video got me curious so I watched it for...
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    Interesting question....

    To me at least. A student asked me how many people worldwide could win a PGA Tour event. Then it morphed into another question. With 125 cards available on the US Tour, and about the same on the European Tour and there are other tours worldwide that you can make a living, and so on and so...
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    I said it many times that it was just a matter of time. I know it's just deer antler spray but you watch..... People are so naive if they think this isn't going on in golf.
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    My quick perspective on Stats

    If I were a tour player, I would absolutely look at the stats. In fact, in the Tour events I played in, I was so excited just to have stats, I stared at them constantly for awhile. That being said, I just came across a few interesting, to me at least, statistics and how how misleading they can...
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    Off Topic: Baltimore can Suck it!

    Huge win
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    How bout this event!

    A junior was asking me about the Junior Worlds so I looked up some info and got to the past champions list. Some you certainly heard of and some you haven't but 1984 caught my attention. 15-17 David Toms 13-14 Ernest Els (runner up Phil Mickelson) 11-12 Brian Kontak 9-10 Eldrick Woods Knowing...
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    A couple, actually more than a couple, of things Brian teaches are being grossly misrepresented in places that nobody actually reads, but I thought it was interesting enough to address. Also, it might help someone. I'm going to attempt to explain, from a teachers perspective, how wedding ring...
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    Hard to complain about bogies, rate of closure or anything else after watching a triple amputee fire a strike for the first pitch at the World Series tonight.
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    Have to do a plug...

    Just played Pikewood National in Morgantown WV yesterday for he second time. Anyone within 100 miles of that town looking for a second club has got to give it a serious look. It won Golf Digest best new private in 2009 and may debut this year inside the Top 50. It is utterly spectacular. Go...
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    Observations of late

    Even though there have been a few bright spots, this year has been all about survival and just maintaining some semblance of a golf game with little to no practice time. Recently, my schedule has lightened and allowed for some legitimate work. Not surprisingly, there has been a recent spike in...
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    Hard not to like Webb Simpson but what a disappointing finish. Els finishes 6-5-5, Furyk 6-5-5. With the potential for eagles and birdies for drama the finish just laid a huge egg and Olympic produces another plodding, boring champ. Great playing and totally deserves it but it left me flat. And...
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    Tales from the US Open Sectional

    If you can be very satisfied yet extremely disappointed at the same time I guess this is it. I try to never play the club pro card as an excuse but the truth is I just could not prepare anywhere near as much as needed for this. Scioto and Scarlet were two of the most demanding tournament courses...
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    When will Tigers patience run out?

    Another scatter-balled round today. Two years not enough? Another set up problem, perhaps?
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    Lesson Case Study

    Thought this might be an interesting topic. Had a lesson yesterday. 40 year old, good athlete. Single digit, scrambler...less than 9 GIRs a round. Above shoulder plane backswing, little wristcock. Some carry, gets under it late. Shallow undercuts and rolled hooks are the result with the irons...
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    Big Break Atlantis

    Normally I'm not interested in advertising my students on the Internet but I'll make an exception here. Anya Alvarez is a great girl and has a really inspiring story. She should be easy to root for if you watch this program. Her personality should do well on this show. She can play too. She made...