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    Old School Vs. New School (with a twist)

    Do you think you could generally shoot lower scores with: A. The clubs of yesteryear (1963 wilson turfriders or before ) and any current golf ball or B. The clubs of today and any ball of yesteryear (balata or before) on any course, past or present...
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    Favorite camera angle

    Just wondering what everyone's favorite camera angle is for viewing golf on television. I personally cant stand the shots from down the line, mostly because I find it to be the worst angle for watching the ball. My favorites are the angles from farther back and off to the side some so that I can...
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    Slow play penalty

    Is a one stroke penalty really that big of a deal? In a sort of game where a bullseye can cost you two strokes? From my perspective the penalty, or punishment, seems VERY minor. The shocking thing is that he was the ONLY one they could find taking over 40 seconds. Instead of the asinine...
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    Shout out to Jodi Ewart Shadoff, a member at my club. :cool: Had a share of the lead after round 1. Hit 16 of 18 greens today (34 putts :confused:) and shot 72. Solid swing and she was all over TGC's early coverage today. Great person, very quiet, humble, hard worker. We'll be pulling for you...
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    The Project on TGC

    LMAO I feel blessed to be here.
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    putter offset?

    I just spent 45 minutes reading about offset in putters and it was a waste of time because the things I am reading from different sites are giving me opposite suggestions. There seems to be opposite schools of thought on the correlation of right eye or left eye dominance to the amount of...
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    I need a clarification...

    Brian I stumbled across this article online but I am having a difficult time visualizing what you are saying (or quoted/edited to have said) in this drill. If you can help me to "get it" it would be much appreciated. My apologies for my inability to visualize the drill. ".......... "Although it...
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    Camera Angle...Target's POV.

    I think it would be interesting to see more swings from the targets' point of view. Both in television events and to see the difference between a bad swing and a good swing from an instructional standpoint. We can never see that perspective on the course for good reason and obviously a teacher...
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    the toe cuts, the heel digs

    What was Azinger trying to say, I know he was making a point, I just didn't quite comprehend it.
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    dynamic fitting, and a few questions about it.

    I am considering doing a dynamic fitting (irons only) and I was just looking for some opinions and suggestions about the following: How many days should the fitting be stretched across to get reliable results, vs the swing of THAT day results. Spining the shafts. I know exactly what it means...
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    warm up routine?

    I want to preface this thread by saying I haven't ever been big on warming up. I rarely stretch, I my hit a few chips and roll a couple putts at most before I go out to play. I don't do this because I think I play better this way, I'm just not crazy about waking up any earlier. Unfortunately, it...
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    Optimum Time for the Release?

    I was going through some old threads trying to bring together the new release ideas and the concept of maximum trigger delay. Does every individual swing have an optimized point to trigger the release, aka shallow out the AOA and maximize the smash factor?
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    New release; the grip

    Can anyone outline the cause and effects of a stronger left hand grip with this pattern. My misses are all going left, and I prefer to fade the ball. The tendons on the top of my left hand are getting sore with this grip. How will a weaker left hand grip affect the sequence. Should I consider...
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    Time to talk Tiger again...

    He went low. He looks a tad bit leaner in the upper body and much less stiff. Will it survive the weekend, what are the odds he wins?
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    bounce on the wedges

    I just switched sand wedges from a taylor made rac with 12* of bounce to a callaway x forged with 14* of bounce. Didn't think it would make too big of a difference between the two so I went with the better impact feel from the forged callaway and I can definitely feel the bounce A LOT more on...