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    Bman's Carry Concept

    Is the CARRY MOVE produced by the body or by the arms? I guess it has to be the body. If you don't use it, and instead use your "late turn into the downswing" idea does this not increase the likelihood of fat shots?
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    Brian's left wrist

    Bman's left wrist in the picture above you is flat. Why not cupped?
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    Weak left hand grips

    Why do they seldom work and why do I hook it more when I grip it weaker?
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    Early supination

    Do you need a weaker grip if you supinate earlier?
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    Anyone with a swing speed 105-115mph with a driver tried the Callawae Chrome or Chrome+ balls? Are they any good? On the same subject what balls are a real alternative to the ProVs for good golfers with high swing speeds? And are the ProVs rreally the best ball?
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    Clubfitters - GE

    Calling all equipment experts: I just bought Titleist 913 D3 with a Diamana White 83g x-flex shaft. Foolishly, because of time constraints and my own stupidity, I wasn't fitted for it. I normally need a really stiff shaft (CH speed about 112-114) with lots of early loading and late release. I...
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    Pivot like a madman

    We've all heard the Bman's opinion on the crazy pivot. BUT, don't you guys think that when you whack that mofa 320 out there into oblivion that you FEEL like you pivoted like a mad crazy gaga cat?
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    Useless info?

    Hi Buds, I've been inactive for a while, reading the forum was not so much fun for me lately. It was getting a bit tedious with the same argument being rehashed constantly. But anyway, I started thinking about the whole thing this morning after a brief visit to the forum and would like to ask...
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    Is it derisable to bend the left elbow thro impact?

    Is it desirable to bend the left elbow thro impact? What are the pluses and minuses about bending the left elbow through impact? Have we assumed, like the famous FLW, that a locked left elbow (LLE) is a given in the golf swing only to discover that there is no advantage and perhaps some...
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    My son has found a belated interest in the game and is improving pretty rapidly (he is 16 years old). He would like to study in the US and combine it with golf. He is pretty/very good academically so it would need to be combined with a course which would be relevant for industry/commerce on...
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    Golf in Asia

    I see some forum members are based in what we crazy Westerners refer to as "Asia". I'm curious as to how the golfing world is in this part of the world. I would be great if some of you guys could give a brief description of how things work in golf clubs in your neck of the woods. Any takers?
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    What is the secret of Sean Foley's success?
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    Is the improvement vast? Would you still buy a TMII if the price was right, or cough up a bit extra for the III?
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    K VEST - just a gimmick?

    What do you think about this Manzellions? <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Harmon "teaches" pitching to a handle-dragger

    Harmon's got a real nice hand action, no? He has, however, total disdain for his pupil, who has zero feeling for this hand action, no? <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> And if that guy is a tour pro I'm a...